On December 13, 2016, our transition will be complete, and Aguayuda will officially be WaterAid Colombia. We are excited to be part of the WaterAid family. Their extended network will help expand upon the great work we accomplished in La Guajira over the past 10 years. WaterAid is unequivocally committed to the Wayuu people, and will not stop until every single person in La Guajira has access to clean water and a safe, private toilet.

Together with the team in Colombia and the Board of Directors of Aguayuda, we thank you for your unwavering generosity, and numerous hours of volunteering to better the lives of the children and families in La Guajira. I look forward to building on our progress in my new position as Sr. Advisor, Latin America & Caribbean with WaterAid. I hope you’ll continue to support the incredibly important work we’re doing.

This website will remain active through 2016, and then will redirect to wateraidamerica.org/aguayuda. Until then, please utilize the Aguayuda website as a comprehensive resource of information concerning the water and sanitation crisis in Colombia.