Happy Holiays

Adriana is healthier thanks to drinking clean water.

Simón and Sabrina recently returned from a 3 month trip in Colombia where they accomplished many wonderful projects together with the onsite Colombian team and your support including:

  • Providing access to cleaning water for 7 new communities (3,500 impoverished people).
  • Winning the “Ideas Para El Cambio” competition with Hybrytec (Colombian solar company) and Corpoguajira (Colombian government entity) to install a new 150m well, solar pump, 40,000 liter flexible tank, composting latrines and household filters helping 4 indigenous communities.
  • Implementing our first joint-project with the mayor of Riohacha, Colombia for to provide clean water to 2 communities. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Creating monthly community water payment plan to make our projects more sustainable.
  • Installing safe and affordable manual pumps in two communities.
  • Installing 35 LifeStraw Family filters thanks to our sponsors helping 35 families have access to clean drinking water for drinking, cooking and washing hands.

To view the latest photos from the Colombian trip please click here.

The Aguayuda team thanks everyone for their continued support. We have many exciting plans for 2013. To continue to support our mission, please donate to save lives through the provision of water, sanitation, and education.

We wish you happy holidays.