Happy World Water Day!

Enrique is enjoying his first glass of clean water from the SkyHydrant.

This year’s theme is: Water Cooperation. Therefore, we would like to share with you a story about how Aguayuda is cooperating with the local government in Colombia.

In October 2012, the Vice-Ministry of Water in Colombia approached Aguayuda to install a SkyHydrant community filter. The SkyHydrant Water Filtration Unit was donated by the Siemens Foundation and the Colombian Presidential Agency of International Cooperation. After deciding on an appropriate community, Aguayuda and the Vice-Ministry of Water approached the mayor of Riohacha to support the funding for the project. The opportunity excited the mayor’s office so much that they asked Aguayuda to implement a second SkyHydrant in another community. As part of the projects Aguayuda is also providing the skills needed to ensure sustainability such as maintenance training, WASH education, and implementing monitoring and evaluation systems.

Currently, the two SkyHydrant community filters are installed and provide clean water to 1,105 people in Choles and Comejenes.

There are many aspects to successful Water Cooperation. Working with national and local governments to prioritize WASH may seem like a daunting task. In Aguayuda’s case, our strong community network led to the Vice-Ministry of Water to recognize Aguayuda as WASH experts in Colombia, resulting in a partnership among national and local governments and non-profits. This example is an inspirational model for creating cross-sectorial partnerships and stronger WASH networks throughout Colombia and other countries.

If you would like to learn more about the projects in Choles and Comejenes, please visit our completed projects page on our website.