Osprey Foundation Partnership

Left to right: Franklin, Victor, Sabrina, Simón, Isabel and Daut

Aguayuda is proud to share with you a new partnership with the Osprey Foundation.

As of February 2013, Aguayuda has been providing clean water and education to 7,800 people in 21 impoverished communities in Colombia and Costa Rica. By next year, Aguayuda expects to reach 10,000 people in a sustainable manner. In order to reach this goal Aguayuda partnered with the Osprey Foundation, a Maryland based foundation that strives to empower individuals and communities through education, health, economic opportunity and human rights in a sustainable way. This partnership has the goal to strengthen Aguayuda by employing our Colombian team on a full-time basis, and establish a field office in Riohacha, Colombia. This is essential for providing our team with the tools and equipment to prepare, coordinate, plan, implement and monitor projects efficiently and productively, building towards local ownership and advocacy of WASH (water, sanitation, hygiene) solutions by the marginalized communities.

Perhaps the most exciting part of this partnership, is that we were able to hire Isabel Uriana, a bi-lingual (Spanish and Wayuunaiki) teacher, to enhance our educational component for the indigenous Wayúu communities. The water crisis is especially severe in these communities, and we continue to search for ways to assist the hardest hit villages.

Together with the wonderful partnership with the Osprey Foundation, your donation to Aguayuda will provide us with the capacity to have a larger impact and provide sustainable WASH solutions to 10,000 people by next year.