Our American Interns

Joe and Alex enjoyed the challenges of La Guajira, Colombia.

This blog is dedicated to our two American interns, Alex and Joe, who have been working with us for the last few months in Easton, Maryland. Alex and Joe were even brave enough to come with us to La Guajira, Colombia on our latest trip for 1 month. Both had never been to a developing country before, so this was a new adventure for them in many ways.

They did a wonderful job helping us take photos and video of Aguayuda’s work, while Sabrina and I held important meetings with many of the communities that we are supporting. They also helped map various important water points as well as continued writing proposals, blogs and assisting us on the business plan. Over the last few months, their work has been invaluable to Aguayuda in many ways.

Sabrina and I would like to especially thank Alex and Joe for all their hard work and we wish them all the best in their future endeavors. We will not only miss their high quality work but also their friendship.